Guy commences courting app which simply helps you to match with

We can also add the ruling star of the house sign. 7. How can we find our house sign in a practical way? Whatever your ascendant sign is, its opposite sign falls into the 7th house. Here he is the beloved, spouse, serious relationship and marriage house sign. 7. Do the characteristics of the spouse that we seek when we consciously reveal our house sign? Let your 7th house sign be Leo. A Leo does not necessarily have to enter your life because our 7th house sign is Leo. The lion here is a symbol that represents the match you are looking for. According to this, whatever your spouse’s zodiac sign is, it means that you will definitely look for some Leo-specific features in him. For example, your 7th house sign is Leo and your spouse is Scorpio. Then your spouse will of course be one of the Scorpio traits, on the other hand, he can have a few features that Leo represents. Scorpio ”but at the same time he is a Lion-like cool person or has the physical features that Leo represents; as if she has brown or blond hair… The 7th house sign of one of my clients was Cancer. Her husband was Libra. Libra is a sign that has nothing to do with cooking, but interestingly, his wife loved to cook. 7. House sign Cancer feature!

On the other hand, Koç is a person who takes initiative, is aggressive, honest and straightforward, brave, knowing to stay young at all ages, innovative, likes to laugh and have fun, positive, action-loving, sportive, warrior and somewhat belligerent, pioneer and leader spirit.

Taurus, on the other hand, is warm, attractive, has aesthetic tastes, strong, protective, watchful, skillful in cooking, determined, devoted to his values, loyal to his wife, knowing to make his wife happy, calm, home-loving, tolerant and loving.

Twins, on the other hand, are mobile, versatile, resourceful, intelligent, knowledgeable, educated, young-spirited, talkative, talkative, lively in human relations, with a wide circle, social life lively, playful, making surprises.

Cancer, on the other hand, is emotional, understanding, compassionate, loving a home, loving and knowing to cook with fertile hands (same for men and women), fond of his family, protecting, loyal to his wife, looking for a mother / father figure in his wife, a romantic person with an offended habit. .

Lion, on the other hand, is cool, strong, self-confident, brave, proud, noble, flamboyant, game-loving, funny, creative, self-explanatory, rich in social life, inclined to luxury, managing, sociable.

Başak, on the other hand, is hardworking, intelligent, very talented and resourceful, knowledgeable, successful in his job, devoted to his home and wife, sacrificing himself for the happiness of his wife and family, clean, meticulous, humorous, and paying attention to his form.

Libra, on the other hand, is a flamboyant, ornate, tasteful, beautiful / handsome, gracious, noble, civilized, understanding, harmonious, social, resourceful in human relations, cheerful and sometimes capricious.

Scorpio, on the other hand, is passionate, strong, charismatic, ambitious, secretive, warrior, fearless, deeply emotional, passionately loving and connected, sexy, strong in sexuality, strong intuition and intelligence, combative and jealous.

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